Happy February!

I recently finished writing my 5th book which is a Snow White retelling. It’s a lot of fun!

Now, I’m editing my 3rd book before I edit the 5th. Not too informative I know.

I’m toying with a new idea. I’m interested in writing a traditional Christmas horror story BUT with romance and a HEA. The gears are turning.

Fingers crossed for a book deal!

Writer’s Block

The last few months (who am I kidding, the last year) I’ve fought against the worst brain fog. I’ve still managed to write 55k words of my WIP so far since September. Usually I can write through the block and come out with words writing themselves. Today, I haven’t been so lucky.

Let’s be honest, I don’t believe in writer’s block. I believe ever writer has a reason they can’t seem to write. For me it’s sleepiness, anxiety, or my ADHD (or so they tell me). Writer’s block has become an umbrella term for the problems creatives face when nothing seems to give and when many of the problems can be classified by the DSM 5 (it’s a dense book).

Today, I’ve managed roughly 200 words. I’m going to try again because the only way to beat a block is to write. If that means staring at a blank page then go do something else. Take a walk, experience life, read, or drink coffee (lots of coffee). In the end, go back to writing. Creativity breeds creativity and sooner or later, you won’t struggle anymore.

P.S. I wrote this blog as a distraction from my WIP as well as to get myself writing.

The Journey Continues

On December 1, 2020, I signed with a literary agent. The draw? My fourth book, Without Words. This came as a big surprise to me since I wasn’t querying Without Words for more than a year. Poisonous Passions was what I thought would land me an agent, but after querying my first book and almost two years later, I was without an agent.

Image of Mae Thorn signing her contract agreement with her agent.

What I mean to say is you have to keep writing. Don’t stop when you think you’ve failed. You can only improve with time and experience when it comes to consistent writing. Don’t worry about the quality, that’s what editing is for. Just write. Write until your thoughts bleed into your work.

In any case, I’m excited to continue my publishing journey! I plan to keep you up to date on any developments or musings I may have. Welcome! Pour yourself a glass of wine and relax.