Perseverance. It’s been my mantra for the last three years.

How did I write 5 books? I didn’t give up. I sat down and did the work, and I repeated until I had achieved my goal.

Everything about being an author is founded on perseverance. From writing to landing an agent to publishing.

Day after day you have to put one foot in front of the other because you can achieve your dreams.

When things feel bleak and you’ve lost hope, what depends on success is whether you keep going anyway.

Even the most successful authors have doubts. It’s part of the job, but you can turn it around if you just keep going.

The first draft is going to be terrible, but that’s OK. You can fix it later. Nobody will see it until you want them to, but nobody will read your story unless you get it out there when it’s polished.

Writer’s Block

The last few months (who am I kidding, the last year) I’ve fought against the worst brain fog. I’ve still managed to write 55k words of my WIP so far since September. Usually I can write through the block and come out with words writing themselves. Today, I haven’t been so lucky.

Let’s be honest, I don’t believe in writer’s block. I believe ever writer has a reason they can’t seem to write. For me it’s sleepiness, anxiety, or my ADHD (or so they tell me). Writer’s block has become an umbrella term for the problems creatives face when nothing seems to give and when many of the problems can be classified by the DSM 5 (it’s a dense book).

Today, I’ve managed roughly 200 words. I’m going to try again because the only way to beat a block is to write. If that means staring at a blank page then go do something else. Take a walk, experience life, read, or drink coffee (lots of coffee). In the end, go back to writing. Creativity breeds creativity and sooner or later, you won’t struggle anymore.

P.S. I wrote this blog as a distraction from my WIP as well as to get myself writing.