open book with pages bent into a heart

  • Words
    I lost my mom late Friday night. I wonder at our need for words at the time of death. We search for thr right meaning, the best representation of how we feel. Yet the words are never enough. They fall empty. Maybe if there was a spell to keep the pain away or a secret… Continue reading Words
  • Update
    Happy February! I recently finished writing my 5th book which is a Snow White retelling. It’s a lot of fun! Now, I’m editing my 3rd book before I edit the 5th. Not too informative I know. I’m toying with a new idea. I’m interested in writing a traditional Christmas horror story BUT with romance and… Continue reading Update
  • Writer’s Block
    The last few months (who am I kidding, the last year) I’ve fought against the worst brain fog. I’ve still managed to write 55k words of my WIP so far since September. Usually I can write through the block and come out with words writing themselves. Today, I haven’t been so lucky. Let’s be honest,… Continue reading Writer’s Block