Image: Book cover of blond Georgian lady with crossed legs holding a fan and wearing a garter with a knife in it. Gook title: Notorious written by Mae Thorn
Dangerous book cover. Book 2 of Poisonous Passions
  • Author update
    I hope you enjoyed reading Notorious! Dangerous is only weeks away, and if you subscribed to my newsletter, you’ll see the beautiful cover! I’m currently working on edits for Dangerous as well as edits for two other projects I hope to share with you someday. I have ideas for a book 4 and 5 for… Continue reading Author update
  • Dealing with Writing Anxiety
    Ask any creative and they’ll tell you about the anxiety that goes with projects. Imposter syndrome can wreck havoc on the creative process and make you feel blocked. With writing anxiety you have two choices. One: work through it. Or two: walk away. Yesterday I walked away. I would usually say that you should write… Continue reading Dealing with Writing Anxiety
  • A Publishing Journey
    I never thought I’d get to this point the same way I thought I couldn’t do graduate school. Yet, here I am with an agent and a three book publishing contract. My publishing journey started with a back injury and a hopeless search to find something to read. I decided to write what I wanted… Continue reading A Publishing Journey