Poisonous Passions is a series of three with the possibility of future books. Unconventional historical romance novels set during the Georgian era. The series follows three women, their experiences with the Revolutionary War, and how the poisoner Foxglove changes their lives.

Without Words is my #ownvoices historical romance novel with a dash of fantasy. The story includes my experiences with my hearing loss. My struggle was a decades-long journey to find acceptance, and my protagonist must deal with the same pain and heartache associated with losing hearing. So far, I have plans for two other books with the possibility of more.

My Fairy Tales series takes place in the fictional land of Tercia. Their time period is a mixture of Regency and Victorian England. My first book of the series is a Snow White retelling titled Fierce. My second book in the series is a Cinderella retelling titled The Prince Effect. I have plans to expand this series as well.