A Publishing Journey

I never thought I’d get to this point the same way I thought I couldn’t do graduate school. Yet, here I am with an agent and a three book publishing contract.

Image: woman trying to climb stairs

My publishing journey started with a back injury and a hopeless search to find something to read. I decided to write what I wanted to read. From there, the poisonous passions series was born.

All I could do was sit. The pain was excruciating. I couldn’t stand for more than a couple minutes. I’d given up the archives job search from after graduate school and I had to flee into my own world. I almost lost my ability to walk.

I had back surgery which gave me immediate relief. No more pain killers and no more sitting for long periods of time. It takes me 3 months to write a book now instead of 6 weeks but the pain is manageable.

I started to query my first book and when I hit my fourth book I started to query it too. My fourth book got me my agent. My first book got me my publishing contract.

I injured my back in 2017, but I signed with my agent in 2020. Yesterday, I signed my publishing contract. Next year, I will have 3 published books.

As much heart ache and pain I experienced in those 4 years (back injury, divorce, more hearing loss, and the death of my mother), I’m amazed I’m still standing.

Roll with the punches and fight your way to your goals. It’s tough out there.

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